The Standing March, JR and Darren Aronofsky collaboration for Cop21

The Standing March from Gregory Copitet on Vimeo.

Artist JR and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky collaborate on a major public artwork for Cop21 AT THE ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE

COP21 Climate Change Conference

Renowned French artist JR and Oscar-nominated American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky have collaborated on The Standing March, a major public artwork to be exhibited in Paris during the UN’s COP21 climate conference. The video projection will remind leaders that the world is watching as they gather to negotiate a deal aimed at keeping global warming below 2°C. It will be projected on the Assemblée Nationale starting at 8pm on Sunday, November 29th and Monday, November 30th, as over 25,000 officials gather, including Presidents François Hollande of France, Barack Obama of USA, Xi Jingping of China and  Narendra Modi of India. It will travel throughout Paris from December 1st until December 7th at the locations to be revealed on the artists’ social media accounts.

The video represents more than 500 persons from different backgrounds united around the idea that the conference must end up with meaningful agreementsn between the countries. The protagonists, who joined the artists after a call for participation, have been filmed separetely, rotatinf themselves on a green background and united to create a representation of humanity. 3D from the British group Massive Attack has composed the original soundtrack.

The COP21 gathers in Paris while the city and its inhabitants have recently suffered from a massive terrorist attack.
For security reasons, marches are forbidden in Paris. But our art piece is a silent march. And we are marching, backed by the Assemblée Nationale, the heart of the French democracy. We must think about our future, the future of our environment and this is our answer to those who want to control our present.


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