A look back at BE THE CHANGE’s Collaboration with the Global Citizen Festival 2012!

With the Global Citizen Festival having just happened last weekend in NY’s Central Park, we wanted to take a look back at our partnership from 2012!

In September of 2012,  just following our massive Inside Out Global Action, BE THE CHANGE, we were approached by Ryan Gall and the Global Citizen Organization to participate in the Global Citizen Festival held in New York’s Central Park’s Great Lawn each September.   We were asked to select 250 of the over 5000 BE THE CHANGE portraits taken from over 15 countries and 26 cities around the world and in cooperation with the Inside Out Project, printed the images again in large format to be displayed during the festival!   We wanted to share a few photos from the day’s event.

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I’ve been fascinated by JR’s work and his Inside Out Project for a few years.  I had seen his art in New York and Venice and when I heard about the Be The Change Inside Out Project it seemed like a perfect fit to try and collaborate with the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.  I started the Global Citizen festival with the idea of connecting creatives with causes on a global scale, having the Be The Change images, which represented 15 different countries, throughout Central Park really gave the festival a global message. We are honored to be a part of the project’s mission of bringing awareness to the issues global citizens want to change, making citizens aware of their responsibilities and capacity to contribute to the changing world, and inspire creative solutions to make these changes possible.

– Ryan Gall

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For more details on how to get tickets to this year’s concert which happened on Saturday, September 27th, visit the Global Citizen Festival.