Milan Rai’s White Butterflies to celebrate Christmas in Athens!

White Christmas Butterfly_1

Holidays are upon us, reminding us that just like a butterfly, sneaking out of its dark cocoon and flying full of elegance to the bright skies, we too have an opportunity to fly…to change our energy and the world around us!  Such a small and vulnerable creature with such a clear message: everyone and everything can change, whether a human being or an entire city. It’s all about making a decision. ”If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies” according to Milan Rai, the Nepalese artist, who sent his ”White Butterflies” to Athens to celebrate the holidays.

Under the hospices of OPANDA, Technopolis and the collaboration of MELD, Athens one again joins the many European cities, including Paris, Stockholm, Madrid, Edinburgh and Brussels to decorate city spaces with white butterflies.

Please join us to decorate the city together!  We need your help and your enthusiasm.

Saturday, December 14 at 11am
Playground of A.Paulou Square


Sunday, December 15 at 12pm
In front of the Old Parliament

Come and celebrate with us and bring your good spirit to change the city, one butterfly at a time!

– Nafsika Mouzakit

White Christmas Butterfly 2