Urban Art-upuncture | White Butterflies in Athens

A look at Milan Rai’s White Butterfly Action in Athens last Friday, September 20th, in celebration of International Day of Peace.

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Dimitris Garoufalias
Helen Sotiriadis
Ilias Provopoulos
Gelly Papalouca

Can a white butterfly change the world?

During these times of accelerated globalization and rapid changes in our environment, where different bodies of power have become inscribed within our society and everything seems to be blocked by “over-regulations,” citizens are feeling un-invested and excluded from their daily environment.

Today there is an urgent need for us producers and artists to be engaged citizens and try to reorganize systems of urban interaction, as well as challenge the existing economic and political frameworks. Within our platform MELD, we decided to engage in what we call “urban art-upuncture.” By that, we mean small actions that allow vulnerable places within our society to emerge and blocked relationships to flow again.

The simple act of giving without expectation is stronger than a thousand bullets, or any chemical weapon of mass destruction. It touches our core values, no matter where we come from or who we are, in the universal language of empathy, hope and generosity, a language that seems to have been too often forgotten by our modern society. Milan Rai’s white butterflies have generated a breath of fresh air in our lives, inspiring us to change our world, for which we are eternally grateful.

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