A Letter to the Athenians from Milan Rai (White Butterflies = Peace)

White Butterflies_Athens_Poster

September 18, 2013

Glorious greetings to the people of Athens,

White Butterfly – The Story of Love

I am on my journey and this journey has allowed me to come out of my cocoon and enjoy everything that is around us. The murmur of the city or the silence of the woodland, the poetry of the streets or the connection of bridges, trees, houses, surprises and people.

As I wander through this world, they all speak to me so sensitively that it seems like every city I visit is a big page and as I turn on to the next page I start falling in love with the whole book. And the journey becomes even more magical with the butterflies. When this magic happens everything becomes so wonderful. Every character in the story is so important. I see each person I meet on this journey as a word in this story and without the harmonious blending of all of these words the story is incomplete.

It is so beautiful when you connect with another being. When I leave butterflies at places, strangers stop and look at me and they come to say Hello. Sometimes they come running towards me and take one butterfly. Sometimes, I run to them to give them butterflies, and there is nothing but love in this connection.

During my journey I’ve met Chinese, Italian, Spanish, American, Australian, German, Iranians, Belgian, French, Canadian, African, Indian, Japanese, and many other people from other nations, but I never saw them as Americans or Africans or Iranians. They were simply human beings and they were all wonderful! And each and every one of us is capable of transformation. Every being is fertile soil, every heart is a seed of love and we were designed to grow, but we often forget to take time and nurture the seed. We have lost our patience, we have forgotten to wonder what’s going on, somewhere, someplace deep within the soil of our being.

So open your heart and join in this story, where there is only Love and Gratitude. I send butterflies to all the people who are coming together to spread love and happiness in Athens. Share your happiness, connectedness, and freedom. I am sure this act of love and compassion, will vibrate in many directions touching and inspiring many other people.

Thank you for turning Athens into a Butterfly City!!!

With Love,
Milan Rai