MELD presents Vincent Moon | Ikono.TV On Air Festival

As part of MELD’s Curatorial Selection at’s On Air Festival on Saturday, September 21st between 6-9pm (CET), we are proud to feature French Artist, Vincent Moon  

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Le Passager Indien
Sibirsky Express

In 2006, inspired by the film Step Across the Border on the English guitarist Fred Frith, Vincent Moon created with Christophe ‘Chryde’ Abric the ‘Concert à Emporter / Take Away Shows’ project, La Blogotheque’s popular video podcast. He perfected his style: an immediately recognizable intimacy, always with fragile and dancing long shots, often shot in one take without rehearsal.The Take Away Shows quickly gathered a large online following, The New York Times presented its impact as ‘Vincent Moon reinvented the music video’.

1187959_640Clogs_Lantern, 2009

Homepage of Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes –
Vincent Moon’s Vimeo where you can watch 564 (!) videos