Seth Indigo Carnes’ OPEN END | An Online Participation Project

You are invited to participate in Open End, an interactive online visual and textual narrative using the Poetics app and uploaded to Twitter.  This project is a conception of Holly Crawford and Seth Indigo Carnes.


The project launches on September 12, at 6pm, when Carnes will post the first two story panels to Twitter and the AC Institute’s website. Carnes has arranged for a free download of the Poetics app for all participants from September 12th through the 14th on Apple’s App Store. At any time during the project, participants may submit their work for the next story panel, based off the previous narrative panel. The narrative thus shapes itself across time, interactions and authors. To submit one panel to the narrative, simply view the latest story panel(s) on the AC Website, then post your submission via Twitter, adding the project hashtag to your post. The first project hashtag looks like this:  #openend001, with the end number changing every Thursday.  Beginning September 19th, the hashtag will be #opened002, and so on.

Visit the Apple App Store to download Poetics or visit for more information.

For participation and project news via Twitter, please follow: Seth Indigo Carnes: @soulincode AC Institute: @ACDirect Holly Crawford: @arttext

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