MELD | Playlist N.4 | Urban Greening “in the clouds”

MELD features Playlist N.4 (Urban Greening “in the clouds”) as part of our Green Guerilla Collection.

zadok ben david  FEATURED ARTIST | Zadok Ben David

Blackfield, 2006–09 | Hand painted stainless steel and sand, measurements variable.  Blackfield is a space-specific floor installation, containing up to 20.000 steel etched flowers deriving from 19th Century Victorian encyclopaedias. The work reflects over notions such as perception and perspective, and in its delicate modesty the installation brings up powerful questions regarding life and death.
brooklyn grange  FEATURED URBAN FARM | Brooklyn Grange | NYC

Claimed to be the largest urban rooftop farm in the world, Brooklyn Grange serves the local community with real organically produced vegetables and fruits. As producing food should be the focus point of a farm, we believe that this Brooklyn initiative deserves a spot on this list. With over two acres of rooftop under cultivation in Brooklyn and Queens, Brooklyn Grange has sold over 40,000 lbs of veggies to restaurants, CSA members and the public via weekly farm stands.

patrick  FEATURED ARTIST | Patrick Jacobs

A kind of pseudo-science or homespun natural phenomena characterizes Jacobs’ work whose protagonists are typically at odds with an increasingly anxious and paranoid world. Only in their futile attempt at transcending their reality and achieving the impossible do they succeed.  Born in California in 1971, Jacobs currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
dakaker  FEATURED URBAN FARM | Dakakkers | Rotterdam 

In Rotterdam, an architecture collective has reclaimed an old building in the center of the city and started using the roof to build an urban farm on top of it. As part of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, this first rooftop farm of the city on top of the Schieblock building was built as a Test Site.

jeff koons  FEATURED ARTIST | Jeff Koons | Puppy

stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, live flowering plants
486 x 486 x 256 inches, 1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm Installations at arolsen 1992, sydney 1995-96, bilbao 1997 (permanent installation), new york rockefeller 2000, private collection (permanent installation) 1992
HK farm  FEATURED URBAN FARM | HK Farm | Hong Kong

HK Farm is a relatively new farm in the amazingly dense city of Hong Kong. The farm, founded in March this year, aims to communicate the value of rooftop farming and the benefits of locally produced food. Besides being a farm, the artistic organization behind HK Farm focuses on designing products and offering urban farming-related services in the city of Hong Kong.
botanica  FEATURED ARTIST | Janaina Tschape | Botanica

“…The photo series Botanica takes a more playful approach to the same idea. Surrealistic plants quite unlike the species we know to date sprout from the fertile soil of Goethe’s garden – humus drenched with a highly concentrated substance containing the body, mind and soul in their entirety. When we immerse ourselves in the blackness of a triangular video cabinet, a cinematic, diminutive world of memory emerges from the inner workings of a music box, a realm in which powerlessness in the face of history is equated with the human desire for history’s explanation.”