A look at EYES OF TRUTH Photographer, Yiannis Chiotopoulous

EYES OF TRUTH | An Athens Group Action Inside Out Project

A 15-day journey- or- a different “recreational” trip.

We create difficulties and perplexities for ourselves. Often we have questions which we neglect to answer at any time, giving poor excuses instead. This was a very different experience for me. It took me away from the ordinary and into seeing things in ways I had never considered before. I noticed people sitting next to me instead of standing across from me; people similar to myself, who breathe, think, hurt, fall in love and thus exist. The look in children’s eyes through a lens, gives away a lot more things than what one may expect and even though they don’t speak your language they can still converse. They just ask for a bit of your time and force you to remind yourself that you were also once a child.

Racism is an illness that can prove to be contagious only through fear.

“Eugenia & Ibahlo” Image Courtesy of YIannis Chiotopoulos