A look at EYES OF TRUTH Photographer, Adamantios Kafetzis’, Inside Out Experience

EYES OF TRUTH | An Athens Group Action Inside Out Project

When I was asked to participate in the Inside Out Project, I thought I was in the advanced position because my mother is a pediatrician and on top of that, she is working at a health center in Kato Patisia, one of the neighborhoods of Athens which has dramatically changed over the last few years, one of the reasons being the arrival of thousands of immigrants. So I went with my mother one day, to where she works, to complete the photos of the “unprivileged kids.”  When you have to deal with kids the problem is often the parents, so that day I took advantage of the kind attitude they had towards my mother and thus didn’t have to explain much or try to make them understand that it was not something bad for them.

“Andreas & Ion” Image Courtesy of Adamantios Kafetzis

Taking photos of the “privileged kids” was something very easy. I just called a friend, explained what I wanted to do and we arranged the shooting with her daughter’s friend in a beautiful house in Mets, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens.”

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